Microfluidic Chips with Cross-Channel

A fused silica chip with a cross-shaped microfluidic channel connecting two input ports to one output port.

Available in several channel widths and channel depths, top-down or bottom-up version.

Our Cross-channel chips have microfluidic channels with an optically clear (transparent) ceiling and a translucent floor.  This feature still allows you to visually monitor the microfluidic flow from both sides. If you prefer to have both the floor and the ceiling to be transparent, please check out our selection of flow cells.

These microfluidic chips are available with or without connectors:

  • Without connectors -- part number ends with –N
  • With Luer connectors -- part number ends with –L
  • With UpChurch Nanoport connectors -- part number ends with -U

** Please note that the bonding agent may extend beyond the connector footprint

Not sure what connectors you need? The following article “What type of connectors should I order?” may help you. 


Material and Fabrication
Glass Chip:
  • 2" long x 1" wide
  • Thickness is either 1.5mm or 1.17mm, depending on Version (Top Down or Bottom Up)
  • Graduated reticle (1mm spacing) running perpendicular to channel
  • Configuration: Select from table below (Top-Down [Ports on top], or Bottom-Up [Ports on bottom])
 Microfluidic Features:
  • Microfluidic channel with nearly vertical walls and flat bottom
  • Channel Ceiling: Flat, Transparent (Optical quality)
  • Channel Floor: Flat, Translucent
  • Channel Width: Select from table below (30 micron, 100 micron, 300 micron)
  • Channel Depth: Select from table below (100 micron, 300 micron)
  • Fluid Connectors: Select from table below (None, Luer, Upchurch)

Select the chip(s) you want to purchase from the table below and forward your selection to our Sales department

Standard Cross-Channel Microfluidic Chips Standard Cross-Channel Microfluidic Chips



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