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Flow Cells with Internal Reservoir

A microfluidic reservoir with one input port and one output port. The reservoir has optical windows on both the top and the bottom. This type of microfluidic reservoir is often used when observing relatively large biological entities

These flow cells are available with or without connectors:

  • Without connector --par number ends with -N
  • With Luer connectors -- part number ends with –L
  • With UpChurch Nanoport connectors -- part number ends with -U

** Please note that the bonding agent may extend beyond the connector footprint

Not sure what connectors you need? The following article “What type of connectors should I order?” may help you.

Available in two reservoir depths.


Material and Fabrication
  • Made from high-quality Fused Silica Glass
  • Made from three fused silica layers thermally fused together
Flow Cell Body:
  • 2" long x 1" wide
  • Graduated reticle (1mm spacing) running perpendicular to channel

Available in "Thin" or "Thick" version:

  • The Thin version has a 0.5mm-thick optical quality windows on the top and the bottom.
  • The Thick version has 1mm-thick optical quality windows on both the top and the bottom. Select desired version in table below.
 Microfluidic Features:
  • Optically-clear view of the microfluidic reservoir from both the top and bottom
  • Microfluidic channel with nearly vertical walls and flat bottom
  • ChamberDepth: Select from table below (250 micron, 500 micron)
  • Fluid Connectors: Select from table below (None, Luer, Upchurch)

Select the flow cells you want to purchase from the table below and forward your selection to our Sales department

 Standard Flow Cells with Internal ReservoirStandard Flow Cells with Internal Reservoir