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Translume Licenses MSU Magnetic Field Sensor IP

A prototype magnetic field sensor head fabricated by TranslumeA prototype magnetic field sensor head fabricated by Translume

Translume announced that it has obtained a license for certain intellectual property (IP) owned by Michigan State University (MSU).

Translume is embarked on a major effort to commercialize ion trap based sensors. The newly-licensed IP will enable that effort. Under the agreement, MSU will license intellectual property relating to the monitoring of magnetic fields in high-radiation environments. According to the MSU inventors – Dr. G. Bollen and Dr. R. Ringle - their high-precision magnetometer, based on a miniature Penning trap, can measure high magnetic field strengths with very high accuracy. Due to the high precision of the developed miniature charged particle trap, magnetic field strengths can be measured with an accuracy of 1 part per million or greater, including up to and above 1 part per billion. The charged particle trap has been configured to operate with such precision in environments of high radiation, e.g., 1 MGy or above.