Precision Glass Micromachining

Looking for a reliable supplier specializing in the micromachining of fused silica glass?

If you’re looking for high-precision machining of fused silica, don’t look any further: Translume has years of experience fabricating high-quality custom-designed parts made from fused silica glass.  We will provide you with the best glass micromachining solution, as we have done so for the past 15+ years for hundreds of extremely satisfied customers.

Translume offers a quick turn-around service. We specialize in the precision fabrication of small parts. If you are looking for a truly collaborative partner to guide you through your next project, Translume will provide you with peace of mind. Typical production ranges from single-unit prototypes to large production runs (thousands of units). Turn-over time for small custom jobs is typically a few weeks. All of our manufacturing is done in our Ann Arbor, Michigan facility.

Learn more below about our Areas of Expertise fabricating custom devices out of fused silica

Custom Device Fabrication - Our Expertise

Custom Microfluidic Chips and Flow Cells

Custom glass microfluidic chipsCustom glass microfluidic chips
In need of a custom chip? We offer a high-quality fabrication service to produce custom chips and flow cells. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Ion Traps - Custom 2D or 3D Fabrication

We fabricate customer-design microtrap platforms

Custom Vias, Slits, Blind- and Through-holes

Custom array of shaped viasCustom array of shaped vias

Forget about geometrical limitations associated with conventional machining processes; we can fabricate blind or through-holes that pretty much have any shape that you can imagine.

Fused Silica Flexures

Fused silica flexure under testFused silica flexure under test

Now available with integrated waveguides

Glass Flow Cells with Integrated Nozzle

Microfluidic chip with 3D shaped nozzleMicrofluidic chip with 3D shaped nozzle

Translume’s glass flow cells can be equipped with nozzles. This provides a means to surround a fluid of interest with a sheath. Nozzle-equipped chips are often used when encapsulating particles or in microflow cytometry.