Highest-quality standard or custom microfluidic chips and flow cells

Translume offers a large selection of standard microfluidic chips and flow cells, fabricated from fused silica glass.  Many of these standard glass items are available immediately from our stock.  Should you not find what you need in our standard product store, we also offer a rapid fabrication service to produce custom chips and flow cells. 








What is exceptional about Translume’s microfluidic chips and flow cells?


All of our microfluidic chips and flow cells are made of fused silica, the highest purity glass available.

Fused silica glass:

  • Transparent from the deep ultraviolet through the near-infrared
  • Lowest auto-fluorescence of any glass
  • Compatible with all liquids (except HF)
Microfluidic Channel Geometry

While many commercial microfluidic chips have non-ideal channels with trapezoidal cross-sections or cross-sections with large rounded corners, Translume's standard glass microfluidic chips have channels with nearly perfect rectangular (or square) cross-sections. However, if desired, we can fabricate microfluidic chips with arbitrary-shaped channel walls, and/or with multiple channel depths and/or multiple widths (See our custom section for details)