Microfluidics - Selected Scientific Papers


Microfluidics is a very active area of research. Scientists world-wide are publishing a myriad of articles describing mechanisms, designs, and applications. Listed here are a few selected papers which, in our view, provide an excellent introduction and insight into the field, along with additional subtopics of special interest. The authors have generously made these articles available through their individual website or through other free-access sites.




Microfluidics - Overview Articles

Professor George Whitesides (Harvard University) and his group have published numerous papers about microfluidics. This 2006 paper, first published in Nature, provides a broad, insightful overview of the field of microfluidics.


Microfluidics: Channel Design, Flow Control, and Surface Characteristics

This extended review looks at the physics of small volumes of fluids. The authors stated goal is to describe the physics behind the rich variety of fluid phenomena occurring on the nanoliter scale using simple scaling arguments, with the hopes of developing an intuitive sense for this occasionally counter-intuitive world.

This paper demonstrates a chemical surface modification method for covalent attachment of various polymers by using silane-based “click” chemistry on silica surfaces and within glass microchannels.

The surface roughness or texturing of a material can – next to the chemical and physical properties – have a profound influence on its functional properties. Examples can be found in nature: A well-known example is the Lotus plant’s leaves which are extremely water repellent or “super hydrophobic”. Water droplets on the surface of a Lotus leaf do not actually wet the surface, but roll off it.